We help football clubs and associations to anticipate the possibility of talented young footballers to become professional players.


We believe in a paradigm change in football recruiting.

ONSIDE BARCELONA helps create the footballers of the 21st century.

Besides the technical ability and physical condition of the players, in the near future clubs and associations will need to consider other factors. In some cases, the more forward-looking ones already are. Other socio-personal characteristics crucial to players, with which some players are gifted at birth, are not easy to detect, teach or develop.

Based on the theories of many renowned scholars, we have developed an innovative methodology to do precisely this. We get an in-depth knowledge of those aspects in young football players that are currently undervalued, but which are crucial to them in their future in football.


We understand that football is played with the brain.

We assess footballers from a young age (starting at 8), in relation to the next skills:

A new and complementary approach to talent assessment and discovery in football.

We develop innovative ways to explore what a young player has inside his head.

We may evaluate the creativity, emotions and mindset of a player from a young age, and why they take the decisions they do on the pitch. This is highly valuable information, but not always easy to gather during the daily routine at a club.

The methodology of the future

Our methodology is 100% football-oriented. It includes on-pitch exercises as well as off-pitch tests. With the use of the latest technology, we compile a profile of these young talents that is crucial to optimising their future.

We have an extended net of external consultants, experts on football training methodology and paediatric psychology. They have all been involved in the development process of our methodology, and we hold regular meetings to ensure continuous progress.

We have recently reached a collaboration agreement with EINA -University School of Design and Art.- They will be one of our R&D centres, which will help us develop our own training tools, such as our "traffic lights", "bibs and balls" which change colour, both used to measure and enhance the perception and reactions of young footballers. We also use a drone to obtain aerial images that help us understand the footballer's awareness and use of occupied and empty spaces.


Our methodology has been tested with the best players in the 8-14 age groups in some of the best clubs in Spain.

At an international level, we have worked with Fulham FC in London, Estudiantes de Altamira in Mexico and we have also presented our project to the English Football Association.

Clients - ONSIDE

Ilie Oleart

Co-founder and Operations Manager

As a man always on the move, Ilie built up his experience in football mainly in France and Mexico. While in Paris, he worked as an agent for many of the biggest clubs in Europe. During his time in Mexico, Ilie was appointed General Manager for Estudiantes de Altamira, a second-division club. In the recent years, Ilie has been trained to be UEFA "Pro" coach and has focused principally on grass-roots football.

Ilie co-founded Onside Barcelona in 2014, and is now centred on looking for new ways to explore and optimise young players' minds. His idea is to define a coefficient that measures the brain's footballing aptitude.

Carles Mur

Co-founder and General Manager

Carles is a hyperactive spirit who loves to be involved in challenging processes. He seeks and creates dynamic environments in which every team member's performance is optimised.

He is currently fully dedicated to the ONSIDE project. Carles believes that this project will make a decisive difference in 21st century football and footballers. With a deep business background and as marketing expert, Carles brings all his expertise as leverage to this innovative and creative project.

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